In the summer of 2001, thirty eight adults and their children were commissioned by Sovereign Grace Church of Fairfax to begin a new work in Ashburn, Virginia. For the sending congregation, this had been a dream for more than a decade as they saw neighboring Loudoun County grow in population, and longed to see a biblically faithful church established there. The first public service was held on September 9th, 2001. We have experienced much favor from God since then, which fills us with great hope and anticipation for the future. There have been seasons of plenty and seasons of despair. Regardless of where we have been as a church, the vision is the same and that vision is to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard His voice throughout our local area in Northern Virginia.

Core Values

Passion for God

Above all else, our desire at Grace Community Church is to glorify God in all that we are and do. We want to increasingly know God in his greatness and beauty; to please him with our adoration and to honor him in our obedience. God is the source and object of our deepest joy and most ardent love (Psalm 86:12-13).

Application of Doctrine

The Bible, as God’s infallible word, is the absolute governing authority at Grace Community, to which we gladly submit. Our resolve in regard to scripture, however, is not to just maintain an orthodox Statement of Faith, but to live out its truths in our everyday existence. We are unapologetically committed to theological study because when done rightly it produces intimacy with God and conformity to His will (I Timothy 4:16).


The cross of Christ is the ultimate point of human history and the theme of all eternity. That good news—that Jesus suffered the wrath of God on a tree to redeem guilty sinners like us—comprises the core of who we are. At Grace Community we sing about, celebrate, preach and endeavor to live in the good of that gospel (I Corinthians 15:3).

Experiencing the Spirit

The dynamic power of the Holy Spirit and His ministry to counsel, comfort and convict us is essential to our existence. We welcome and seek His active presence in our lives for our progressive sanctification, to enable us to minister to one another, and to embolden us to witness to the lost world all around us
(Ephesians 5:18).

Authentic Relationships

God has designed the church to be a family of friends living out their faith together in corporate unity. At Grace Community we endeavor to develop those honest, intimate relationships where encouragement, counsel, confession, and change are fostered. We endeavor to cultivate such fellowship through Community Group meetings where practical service, accountability and conflict resolution can be pursued according to the biblical model (Romans 12:10).

Outreach Oriented

Our mission is to both communicate and demonstrate the gospel in a way that transforms lives across the street, across cultural boundaries, and across the world. Locally, we do this through our individual interactions with neighbors, friends, and co-workers, and through more coordinated outreach efforts in which we provide Thanksgiving dinners and clothes for low income residents, church picnics, free drink giveaways, and free car washes. We also support church planting within the United States and abroad through our partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches.