He Had Compassion

Nov 21, 2021    Mike Bowden
Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

Sermon Points:
1. Our Need For Compassion (vs. 25-29)
- 1 John 4:20–21
2. Our Lack Of Compassion (vs. 29-32)
- Galatians 6:10
- “I never knew a man refuse to help the poor who failed to give at least one admirable excuse…” - Spurgeon
- “Now, this morning, I shall leave you to make all the excuses you like about not helping the poor and aiding the hospitals, and when you have made them they will be as good as those which I have set before you. You have smiled over what the priest might have said, but if you make any excuses for yourselves whenever real need comes before you, and you are able to relieve it, you need not smile over your excuses, the devil will do that; you had better cry over them, for there is the gravest reason for lamenting that your heart is hard toward your fellow creatures when they are sick, and perhaps sick unto death.” - Spurgeon
- “They had been near to God, but were not like him. Dear people, you may spend Sabbath after Sabbath in the worship of God, or what you think to be so, and you may behold Christ Jesus set forth visibly crucified among you, and themes which ought to turn a heart of stone to flesh may pass before your minds, and nevertheless you may return into the world to be as miserly as ever, and to have as little feeling towards your fellow men as before. It ought not to be so. I beseech you, suffer it not to be so in any case again.” - Spurgeon
3. Our Example In Compassion (vs. 30-37)
- Ezekiel 16:1-14
- Ezekiel 16:59-63