"...guard the deposit entrusted to you..."

-1 Timothy 6:20

Statement of Faith

Sovereign Grace Churches is a confessional family of churches. At the heart of our union is the truth of God’s Word that we believe, cherish, and proclaim together. While the Bible is our only infallible rule of faith and practice, we are also committed—and accountable—to a specific statement of faith that represents a summary of the teaching of Holy Scripture on key points of doctrine essential to the beliefs, conduct, and witness of our churches.

Our statement of faith stands firmly within historic Christian orthodoxy, confessing the great doctrines of the Trinity and the incarnation of Christ as set forth in the Nicene and Chalcedonian creeds. Our statement of faith also makes explicit what is foundational to our doctrinal commitments—the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the primary passion and the driving influence in our churches’ common life, worship, and outreach. Beyond this, our statement of faith affirms the glorious sovereignty of God over all things, including the redemption of sinners; our practice of credobaptism; our celebration of God’s distinct and complementary purposes for men and women; and our continuationist convictions regarding the Spirit’s ongoing ministry in the church.

As a confessional document, all SGC elders own it as a faithful expression of biblical doctrine and a guide for their preaching and teaching. In this way, it functions to nurture our churches on sound doctrine, protect our churches from false teaching, and lead our churches into faithful worship and witness. Our supreme prayer is that our statement will serve the doxological goal of all biblical truth—to lead our churches into a deeper knowledge of God that we might more deeply love him, more fully trust him, and more genuinely worship him, all to the praise of his glory.